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Dr. Reed teaches courses in Psychology and Law. Dr. Reed's primary teaching goal is to help students apply the information learned from her courses to their lives. Her goal is to create learners that leave the classroom better able to understand their own lives and decision-making processes.

Sample syllabi can be found below by clicking on the course name. When available, course evaluations are available by clicking on the year taught.

Undergraduate Courses

Group Portrait

UTEP: Fall 2020, Fall 2019


Advanced Social Psychology

UNL: Spring 2016, Fall 2015, Spring 2015


UTEP: Spring 2022, Fall 2022

Advanced Psych & Law

UNL: Fall 2014

Scanning Headset

UTEP: Summer 2021, Summer 2020, Fall 2019

UNL: Summer 2014, Fall 2013


General Experimental Psychology (Labs)

UTEP: Fall 2023, Spring 2021

Brain Sketch

Doane: Spring 2015 (2), Fall 2014

Graduate Courses

Witness In Courtroom

UTEP: Fall 2021


UTEP: Spring 2023


Cornell Law: Fall 2019 

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